For New Volunteers

Climate Advocate Training

Learn the basics of what CCL is and how you can get involved as a volunteer.


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Youth Climate Advocate Training (YCAT)

The Youth Climate Advocate Training is for newly forming Youth Teams, and covers the basics of CCL’s methodology, the National Youth Action Team and how it works, the unique ways youth can leverage their political power, and how to set up a local youth team. 


For questions or to schedule a YCAT for a specific group, contact .

Youth Lobby Training

The National Youth Action Team holds lobby trainings, by youth and for youth, in May and October. The training includes a mock lobby meeting and is a prerequisite for participation in Congressional lobby meetings.

For a preview, view a recording of the May 2021 training.

Leadership Training

Climate Advocacy Methods Program

Participate in the Climate Advocacy Methods Programs hosted by CCL Higher Ed to become a youth climate leader.



Youth Presentation Starter Kit This toolkit outlines the steps for preparing and organizing a climate presentation. The Kit includes a slide deck which can be modified to fit your style and your audience.
DIY Climate Presentation Package Provides guidance and coaching for high school students on developing and delivering virtual presentations.
Presentation Library Take a look at example presentations created by fellow CCL youth volunteers

Create a Youth Team

Youth Outreach and Engagement Guide for Chapters Provides guidance to help adult volunteers expand youth (under 18) engagement in chapters
Youth Leader Action Toolkit Outlines the steps for youth to build effective and vibrant Youth Teams across the country.


Find resources to help you create a resolution advocating for climate action for student councils, PTA’s, educational organizations, or school boards.
School board climate change resolution template
Work with your chapter to seek a resolution endorsing the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.
Local government resolution template
View municipal resolutions, supporting the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, that have already been passed in other states

Important Documents

Photo Release Form Out of respect for your privacy, we must have a parent fill out this release form in order to include you in photographs or videos of our events.
Permission slip for minor’s participation in local chapter activities.

Educational Videos

Laser Talks Ep 1: Won’t A Carbon Fee Hurt The Poor?

Laser Talks Ep 2: Cap & Trade vs Carbon Dividend

Laser Talks Ep 3: Won’t A Carbon Fee Kill Jobs?

Laser Talks Ep 4: Won’t a Carbon Fee Lead to Outsourcing?

Laser Talks Ep 5: Won’t a Carbon Fee Hurt Economic Growth?

Laser Talks Ep 6: Will a Carbon Fee and Dividend Really Boost Innovation?

Laser Talks Ep 7: Will a Carbon Fee Be Enough to Combat The Climate Crisis?

Laser Talks Ep 8: Have Other Countries Implemented a Carbon Fee?

Laser Talks Ep 9: How Will The Dividend Be Administered?

Laser Talks Ep 10: How Will Climate Change Affect Global Security?

Laser Talks Ep 11: Won’t it Cost a Lot to Administer a Carbon Fee?

Laser Talks Ep 12: The History of Carbon Taxation

Laser Talks Ep 13: Will the EICDA Interfere With State Level Climate Initiatives?

Thea Dugas, 11, Maine

En-ROADS Explained (Part 1)

Thea Dugas, 11, Maine

Explanation of EICDA and Endorsement Ask (Part 2)

Sophie Fetter, 17, Michigan

An Economic Solution to Climate Change

Are you ready to solve climate change?