Want to feel the thrill of being among thousands of dedicated CCL volunteers? Are you interested in learning more about climate policies and climate activism?

In the past we have gathered in Washington DC for our international conference, followed by a day on Capitol Hill lobbying our Members of Congress. It’s an educational, empowering, and inspirational experience!

Our international conference sessions feature a youth track and opportunities to connect with other young people from all over the country and possibly the world!

Join us in person in Washington DC, June 10-11, 2023 for the CCL June Conference!  We have two very special youth sessions planned, plus a youth social event. Register here!

Regional conferences are held in the fall and spring. These are great ways to connect with people in your area and focus on issues that are most important where you are. You can find when and where regional conferences are happening here.

SPOTLIGHT: Danielle Whyte, 17, Maine

“In November 2019, I experienced a taste of what it means to care for our shared home, the Earth, genuinely. For four days in Washington, D.C, I joined a lively community of climate change activists while attending the November Lobbying Days with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. I learned, mingled, grew, and, most importantly, I acknowledged the power of the youth that surrounded me. From all across the country, I met young people excited and ready to fight against the epidemic of climate change.

I arrived eager, eager to share my knowledge, and eager to learn from the experienced activists around me. The latter part excited me the most. I stood in admiration as I crossed paths with men and women who have dedicated their entire lives to climate justice and advocacy. I felt both respected and empowered as not only was I learning from them, but they were learning from me. My experience embarking on this CCL Conference journey completely rejuvenated my perspective on what it means to be a youth activist in this world. I will forever be grateful for this life-changing opportunity. "

Are you ready to solve climate change?