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Here’s how we’re organized

A diagram of the components of the Youth Team Network, which are the National Youth Action Team (NYAT), Local Youth Teams, and Statewide Youth Teams
The National Youth Action Team is a space for youth from across the country to work together on effective and just climate action at the national level. We also have youth teams that work at the local and state level. The Youth Team Network brings these teams together in collaborative connection with the National Youth Action Team. The Network also provides support to newly forming youth teams.
A diagram of the NYAT Organizing Structure of Working Teams, which are the Inclusion/Membership Team, Outreach Team, Actions Team, and Communications Team
NYAT is organized into four youth-led working teams: Actions, Outreach, Communications, and Membership/Inclusion. You can choose which team(s) to work with based on your interests.

Local/Statewide Youth Teams

If you prefer to work at the local level with other youth from your area, check out our current local and state youth teams listed below.



Lake Tahoe Area Youth Team

Lake Tahoe Area

Long Beach – South Bay Youth Team

Long Beach – South Bay

San Francisco Youth Team (In Progress)

San Francisco

San Mateo County Youth Team

San Mateo County


Hawaii Youth Team

State of HI



North Carolina

North Carolina State Youth Team (In Progress)

State of NC

Triangle Youth Team

Raleigh – Durham


Portland Youth Team (In Progress)





Wisconsin Youth Action Team (In Progress)

State of WI

Join your local CCL Chapter

If you are interested in working locally in a multi-age setting, you can find a Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapter in your area.  Here, people of all ages work together to engage with elected officials, community leaders, and the media to build political will for a livable climate.

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