Take Action

Take Action

CCL is all about taking action, and youth are an important part of that!

The power of youth voices

We know that youth are the future and will bear the heaviest burden of climate change.

We believe that youth have a unique perspective and can add an important piece to any conversation on climate change.

We know that collective youth voices hold a special power and influence that adults just don’t have.

Find out more about how you can use your power and take action!

Ways our volunteers take action


Includes lobbying, calling, writing and tweeting members of congress.

Kiran Garewal leading a game of Kahoot! during an in-person presentation.

Grassroots Outreach

Includes presentations, tabling, speaking at events and testimonials.


Includes attending national, regional and/or state educational conferences


Includes social media, our blog, and writing to newspapers.


Includes working with community leaders such as school boards and your town council.

Important guidance for working with Citizens’ Climate Lobby:

CCL is focused on climate solutions. We speak about what we’re for rather than against.
CCL’s work is collaborative, respectful, and non-partisan.
Be sure to connect with a local CCL chapter or Youth mentor before you take action on behalf of Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Are you ready to solve climate change?