School Electrification Campaign

The Great School Electrification Challenge!

Why School Electrification? 🔌

Did you know that schools are one of the largest public sector consumers of energy, producing the equivalent of 18 coal-fired power plants or 15 million cars each year?


By electrifying school heating, cooling, and cooking systems, installing solar panels, and electrifying the school bus fleet, your school system can help bring down our country’s carbon emissions significantly.  These very same changes also improve our health by improving air quality for students. Let’s modernize and decarbonize our schools to create healthier learning environments!

Use Your Special Power! 🦸‍♀️

As the most important users of school buildings, we have a right and a special power to ask for change. This may be the most significant way we, as students, can directly bring down carbon emissions.  Find a few friends, a helpful adult, and join our Great School Electrification Challenge!

The Goal 🎯

By April 30th, 2024, fifteen school boards across the U.S. have pledged to “electrify everything” in their school districts.

The Challenge 💪

  • As a student team, advocate for passage of an “Electrify Everything” Resolution by your school district’s Board of Education.
  • Earn points by taking actions that support school electrification and lead to passage of the Resolution!

To learn more and get all the details, check out the Great School Electrification Challenge Guide.


To get started, form a team of 3+ students  and find an adult sponsor. Then register for the challenge. Contact with questions.

You’ll have help 🛟

CCL’s National Youth Action Team will provide:

  • training for your team on how to participate in the Challenge
  • ongoing support through periodic meetings with your team
  • answers to your team’s questions
  • additional resources on electrification as needed
  • national publicity about your campaign
  • opportunities to win prizes

10 Steps for Success

For full details on the the steps of the challenge and the point system, view The Great School Electrification Challenge Guide

  1. Review the campaign guide and handbook
  2. Form a School Electrification Challenge Team.
  3. Research your School Board
  4. Develop your messaging
  5. Draft a Resolution
  6. Present the resolution to members of the school board. 
  7. Develop a relationship with the School Board.
  8. Build public support for your resolution using CCL’s 5 Levers
  9. Be patient. Be consistent. Be persistent.
  10. Have fun! Celebrate! 🎉


Are you ready to solve climate change?