Videos created by CCL Youth


Aili Scott, Age 12, California

Franklin Wu, Age 16, Texas

Shae Reinberg, 17, NC


Diya Nerurkar, Age 14, North Carolina

James Li,  Shae Reinberg, Sydney Mason, Sofia Gore,

Triangle Youth Team Earth Day Video

Nick Polimeni, 17, NJ

How to Get Involved in Climate Advocacy as a Student

Climate Advocacy

Sophie Fetter, 17, Michigan

An Economic Solution to Climate Change

Thea Dugas, 11, Maine

En-ROADS Explained

Thea Dugas, 11, Maine

Explanation of EICDA and Endorsement

Henry Haggard, 16, Virginia

Will We Be Ready?

Portland Youth Team

Thank You, Rep. Bonamici

Portland Youth Team

CCL Calling Campaign – It’s Easy!