Spotlight: Tula Larsen

Spotlight: Tula Larsen

Spotlight: Tula Larsen

By: Vinay Karthik

CCL’s own Tula Larsen is an incredibly motivated and high-impact youth climate advocate. A junior from Yorba Linda, California, she has made a huge splash in the climate scene through her contributions to the National Youth Action Team, Actions Working Team, as a co-founder of Reform and Sustain, and through her other initiatives. Read on to see her tips to becoming such an inspiring young advocate.


Before joining the National Youth Action Team, Tula first got involved with climate advocacy in middle school when she raised hundreds of dollars to plant trees with her sister. “To me, that was my awakening to dive into the solutions rather than focusing on the problem,” said Tula.


Tula enjoys being part of the National Youth Action Team, helping her to take action on a national level and lobby her senators and representatives to support climate policies. She also appreciates the vast community of national youth climate activists that CCL makes available to her.  “It is so wonderful connecting with young activists around the country through CCL that have the same ambitions as I do.”


In the Actions Team, Tula has worked on several projects and initiatives. On February 20, the Actions Team held a national Youth Climate Roundtable where youth climate advocates from different organizations collaborated with each other to share and support each on their common goals.

Tula standing in front of statue with megaphone.

Tula at a climate strike by Reform and Sustain

The Actions Working Team is focusing on many projects currently, including youth workshops, lobby training, and voter registration promotion. “As it says in the name, our main goal is to promote action! As a team, we hope to fulfill the actions that we want to see in our community.”


Outside of CCL, Tula is the co-founder and outreach lead of Reform and Sustain, a youth-led organization based in Orange County, California that focuses on educating youth on ways to take action on environmental issues. She is also the Youth Co-Chair of her local Climate Reality Project chapter and a member of the Youth Action Council for the National Marine Mammal Foundation.


“If I could give advice to youth around the world who want to take action, I would tell them to not be afraid to use their voice! And a great way to get started is by finding other like-minded individuals so the impact is even greater.”

Tula holding up a sign saying "solutions" in large letters with an image of the globe, the sun, and other images.

Tula holding up a sign and taking action

Vinay Karthik is a freshman from the Wardlaw + Hartridge School in Edison, New Jersey and a member of the Edison chapter of CCL. He is also a FXB Climate Advocate Ambassador and is part of the AI and Climate Committee doing research on optimizing renewable energy.

Karishma Goswami is the founder and manager of CCL's Youth Blog Writing Team. She is also a group leader for the Silicon Valley North chapter and strives to increase youth outreach and provide young people with platforms to communicate their climate concerns. If you're interested in writing a piece for our blog, email her at .